Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hello Everybody:
I'm back with more pictures and Dunes as promised. Again this is Egypt but now West of Siwa Oasis near the boarder to Lybia. I'd also like to add that Western Commerce is destroying the lifestyle and beauty of the Oasis, so thank God geography only allows for a single road to lead to Siwa.

My folks and our ToyotaMan!

This lake is actually quite big. Everything in the desert looks so small on photos. I found it really hard to take pictures of the Dunes and make them look big and imposing as they really are.

Aren't these colors amazing?? My pictures aren't very good, but that's just really how beautiful everything is over there.

Look at these colors. I do a twitch everytime I see this. Even in real life, it feels like you're driving through a painting.

These minivans are people doing a carpool to go visit family in Alex and Cairo for BigEid. Some were bigger 4x4 trucks with loads of Bananas or sheep or other food that they were bringing their families as gifts. I also drove through a sandstorm WhopeEE!!!

Ok, that is all Folks!!! Until my next travels; London doesn't exactly make for a nice picture...



Blogger Winza said...

cool pics dez. Remember the dunes we went to back in year 9 near Portland in Australia? That was hell a lot of fun!

12:20 PM  
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